1top 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest workout :

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest workout program : From this article you will realize that it is Arnold Schwarzenegger who is talking to you, as he  says: ” one thing i can tell you there’s a major mistakes that are being made today in bodybuilding by not covering those basic exercises (  squats, bench press, incline press and flies ),

because today men are going to the gymnasium. i don’t see anymore the kids learning about the cleaning and the pressing or they do the two arm snatch, and they do upward rowing from the floor up, and all of those kind of exercises that are so important to create the traps, and to create the lower back.”

” i think that the three exercises for chest today that i have always done the first year when i started training and the last 10 when i was training is : bench press, incline press and then flies.”

” those are the kind of exercises to me that were like, you could not replace them with any machine.”

1- Barbell Bench Press « MIDDLE PECS » best Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest workout

set 1 : 12 reps

set 2 : 10 reps

set 3 : 08 reps

set 4 : 06 reps

set 5 : 04 reps



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