1The 5 Best Moves to Work Your Lower Abs

Nowadays, the round belly is no more considered a good trait. People are looking to have either a zero figure or a trunk region full of six pack abs. The six pack is a symbol of high degrees of fitness and provides a great look for someone having high measures of biceps, triceps and lattices. The workout done for the abs and especially the lower abdominal exercises are really tough, It requires a high amount of effort and special diet- you need to avoid fat containing fat as much as possible and keep all the junk food miles away.

Here are a few lower abs exercises  and remember, these exercises should be done in a systematic manner.

1# Bicycle crunches

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To start with, we will talk about bicycle crunches. This is a very good lower abdominal exercise for men. To perform this, you rest on the floor with the face towards the ceiling. The legs are bent and head is lifted and held by the arms. Then, the right leg is brought closer and the left elbow is pushed forward to make contact with it while the other leg is straightened out. The same is done for the left leg, this time the right elbow coming near. This process is repeated till you lose your breath.



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