Best Pushups Variations

111 Best Pushups Variations -A Real Challenge For The Bodybuilders

Pushups are the kind of exercise which affects your shoulders, arms, and the whole upper body. Without using any equipment you can develop strength, build, tone your muscles all at the same time. After getting comfortable with the traditional method, you only need to play with the variations. The variations basically focus on strengthening different core areas. It will also give new targets to your body. You need to perform them correctly to get the best results. There are many pushups variations in it. We will talk about the basic ones. At the end, there is a challenge too for the fitness freaks out there.

Follow These Pushups Variations:

#1. Traditional Pushup

These are the oldest and the original. You should not do it too fast. Try to feel the muscles group you are targeting while doing it. To do this exercise, keep your body stiff and straight. Bend your elbows and breathe while you lower your body. Breathe out while you get into the starting position. They are great for building abs and toning the upper body.



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