1Best Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Imagine if you had 10 lbs more muscle mass in you, right now.

You look way better, right?

Your confidence is sky high and women are waiting in line to date you.

That is what these best tips are supposed to help you achieve, fast. Drop everything you’re doing, make sure you read through it all with full attention. It might be the best time investment you’ve ever made.

So, here we go.

1 – How Many Days to Train

The first step is to figure out how many days per week you will be going to the gym. This depends on your schedule, the speed at which you recover and of course your personal preference.

A lot of popular routines are built around the idea of working a particular muscle group very hard once per week.

For example: Chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Shoulders on Wednesday, Legs on Thursday, Arms on Friday.

While effective for some people, this isn’t really ideal for most and frankly there are alternatives that would suit you better.

The issue with training a muscle group only once per week is that you are only raising protein synthesis once per week which only last for 48 hours at most. Even if you totally blitz the muscle it doesn’t have an impact on the length of the protein synthesis phase. That means the 5 or so days until your next training session for that muscle are not making that muscle grow nearly as much as they could.

That’s a lot of lost opportunity! As a result, we feel it’s better to train each muscle group twice per week. For example, you could perform a full-body workout three days per week, with a rest day in between each workout. Or you could split your workouts between upper body and lower body and perform each workout twice per week. Finally, you could split your workout to push/pull/legs on a 4 or 5 days per week cycle.

In that case you would train for two days, take a day off, then train another day followed by a day off. Continue the cycle over on the 6th day. For people with very strict schedules this might be difficult to pull off since you don’t know which day of the week your rest days will fall on.

Again this type of high frequency training requires a strong ability to recover quickly otherwise your workouts will suffer. If you are the type that needs longer periods to recover then choose a plan that leaves more time between workouts.

You’ve probably heard the advice that beginners should not do split workouts and instead focus on full body workouts built around compound exercises. That way they can get the most out of their noob gains and build a strong foundation on which they can grow even further.

Having said that, beginners can still progress well on a 4 or 5 day split as long as they are eating the right foods and performing the best exercises. That doesn’t mean that full body workouts should be limited to beginners.

Intermediate and even advanced lifters can make a lot of progress this way and should consider a switch to full-body if they are stalling or plateauing on their current routine.



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