2– Slow Down your Reps

A lot of people seem to be in a race to get through their workout as fast as possible when they get to the gym.

They fly through their 12 reps and sometimes I wonder if they even got a workout. Remember that your muscles need to spend time under tension in order to get the necessary stress for growth.

If you are performing the reps too quickly, particularly the negative portion, you simply won’t give your muscles enough stimulation. Instead, try lowering the weight a bit and performing the reps slowly.

Often we go through reps too quickly because the weight is heavy and we aren’t strong enough to support it for an extended rep. However, with a lower weight you should find this a bit easier to do. So once you’ve picked up a lower weight perform the rep slowly and focus on working the muscle.

Stick to a steady, slow tempo for both the positive and negative portion.


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