1How to Lose 3KG of Water Weight in 2 days and Look Ripped

Have you ever wanted to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time?

Ok chances are all of you have.

While losing 7 pounds of bodyfat in 2 days is impossible, you can lose water weight which will leave you looking more shredded even if the effect is temporary.

Check out our tips below for losing some quick water weight for that upcoming vacation / trip to the beach / wedding.

1 – Drinks tons of water

Ok so this might seem a bit counter-intuitive but hear us out.

By drinking tons of water your body will actually carry around less water.

You see, when your body isn’t getting enough water it starts panicking and holding on to whatever water it does have.

As a result, your body starts to pack on the water weight.

However, once you start drinking tons of water, your body will start getting rid of all the extra water it doesn’t need.

It stores very little water because it knows that plenty more will be coming.

As a result, you actually end up losing water weight and get a flatter stomach!



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