firstly we are gonna go through the basics of a deadlift .

the deadlift is a fantastic compound exercise that works range of muscles but it mainly focuses on the hamstrings, the lower back , the traps and the core, so that’s why we said it’s a fantastic exercise to walk around an exercise if you are looking to build muscle or loss weight .

the deadlift can also be quite dangerous, a lot of people will pick up the bar and they are just lifting thinking they are really strong, as you know you will burn your back if you do it wrong .

how to deadlift

we are going to go through how to lifting properly .

how to deadlifting properly :

  • a reasonable weight is going to demonstration, so pick a weight that’s comfortable that you can get your technique .
  • set your feet shoulder width apart .
  • your shins are quite close to the bar and your hand placement is just outside of your feet .

basics of a deadlift

  • use the lines on the bar as a guide line if you want to keep it on each side, then you can use your little finger as a guide line .



  • now you are starting posture, should be sitting back into it with your palm stuck out (just out) shoulders back and head up, this keeps a neutral spine through the formal motion .
  • when you are lifting it, you are going to drive from the legs first, don’t drive from your back, drive from your legs .


  • drive up from the legs and keeping the spine straight .


  • the final movement is from the lower back .


  • coming back down: it’s the same thing, lower back first, your legs, and back into it .

click here to see the full Exercise movements .

as we said earlier, you have to make your back straight through whole motion .

– a lot of people will pick up the bar and they are just lifting, unless you want to break your back slip at this and really put yourself in harm’s way. if you want to do it properly and you want to strengthen your back, this is the best way to do it .

the basics of a deadlift again :

1- you have to keep a neutral spine .

2- sit back into it .

3- stick your bum up .

4- chest up .

5- shoulders back and head up .

6- driving from the legs first .

7- and the final movement it’s from the lower back .


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