1What Are Triceps?

Triceps, as the name suggests, is a muscle which has three heads, points of origin or points of attachment at one end with the skeletal system. Here the muscles of discussions are Triceps Brachii, the set of two large muscles at the back of both the upper arms. These muscles are situated at the back of Biceps and are responsible to expand the arms straight after sets of Biceps contract them at the elbows.

Triceps Workouts

One of the focus areas in arm muscles workouts is triceps workouts. These are given equal priority with Biceps workouts. Triceps are important to strength providing muscles in the arms and are easily developed with proper workouts.

There are many exercises those are specially designed for Triceps developments. Many of these exercises are with weights and workout instruments.  For workouts with heavy instruments, one definitely needs to go to a gymnasium, but for those who cannot visit a gymnasium for a reason, may have triceps workout plan that can be conveniently followed at home.


Triceps Workout at Home

It is always possible for any person to have sets of small workout instruments such as pairs of dumbbells or a barbell with plates of different weights, at home. These only are sufficient enough to execute a home workout plan for Triceps:

1 Neutral Grip Press with Dumbbells

This exercise should be done for at least four sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions without any rest.

One has to hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie back on a bench or on an

elevated surface. The dumbbells are to be held at shoulder level in such a manner that the palms face each other. Now the dumbbells are to be pressed against the chest for numbers of sets with repetitions as mentioned above.



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